Bogies purchased for LMS locomotive No.10000

LMS 10000
Credit: The Ivatt Diesel Re-creation Society

The Ivatt Diesel Re-creation Society has announced that they have successfully purchased the bogies for the LMS 10000 project.

This purchase was successfully completed on the 31st December 2018.

They previously ran under NS no. 1503, which was BR loco 27004 Juno, and were originally obtained by the EM2 Locomotive Society as spares for their loco 27000.

Work will start very soon on the bogies which will be moved from their current home at the Midland Railway Butterley to be stripped down and fully inspected.

All components not required will be removed and professional reports will be produced detailing the condition of the bogies, wheelsets and bearings. The components will then be shotblasted and painted, before finally being stored while the new components required are sourced.

New brakes and suspension will be necessary.   The first choice for brakes is those already on 58022. An assessment will be made to ensure that no new stress points are created by the new brakes, which will be the third design that the bogies have hosted since 1953.

Although the EM2 and D16/1 designs shared all but identical bogies the springs were different in each case since the diesel loco was heavier.

With the acquisition of the bogies restoration and reconstruction work can begin and a line can be drawn marking the “end of the beginning” of the project.

Since formation in 2011, the society has obtained a 1947-built English Electric 16SVT mk 1 power unit with less than 500 hours on the clock, this was paid for by subscriptions from the public via the ‘Buy-a-litre’ campaign.

Thanks to a members’ donation class 58 58022 is now owned by the Society and will form the chassis for the new D16/1 design loco.  The power unit and 58022 are based at Peak Rail however restoration of various parts will take place at a number of locations around the country.

What did the officials say?

Mark Walker, the Society Chairman said

“The purchase of the EM2 bogies for 10000 forms a catalyst from which a great deal of observable progress will now be possible. It will also allow us to make some solid engineering decisions on some aspects of the finished locomotive. Many people thought the project was all over, but we can now push forward with confidence and show everyone that we are back, and we are here to stay.”

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