Where and when to see TWO steam locomotives in York this Saturday

6233 Duchess of Sutherland
Credit: RailView

Steam locomotive No.60009 Union of South Africa and No.6233 Duchess of Sutherland will be back in steam on the mainline and will be in Ealing Broadway and York on Saturday 17th November 2018.

The A4 and Duchess locomotives are on a special rail tour from Ealing Broadway to York.

6233 Duchess of Sutherland will depart the Ealing Broadway at approximately 07:10 am.

The railtour will then leave the Ealing Broadway, bound for York, where it will steam through Acton Mainline (07:15), Hendon (07:44) and Radlett Jn (07:56) before stopping at St Albans at 08:01.

After a 3-minute break, the locomotive will depart St Albans for York, where it will pass through Luton (stop at 08:19), Leagrave Jn (08:27), Bedford (08:45) and Wellingborough (09:28) before arriving into Kettering at 09:38.

From Kettering, the train will pass through Corby (10:07), Oakham (10:30), Melton Mowbray (10:44), Loughborough (11:11), Langley Mill (11:40), Alfreton (11:50) and Chesterfield (12:06) before arriving into Barrow Hill North Junction at 12:16.

From Barrow Hill, the Duchess will head via Swinton (12:54), Moorthorpe (13:03) and Church Fenton (13:27) before arriving into York at 13:51.

On the return from York, 6233 Duchess of Sutherland is swapped for 60009 Union of South Africa. Departing York at 16:13, the train will take the same route back to Ealing Broadway. The train will steam through Church Fenton (16:27), Swinton (17:15), Chesterfield (18:21), Alfreton (18:39), Melton Mowbray (19:51), Oakham (20:15), Kettering (20:58), Bedford (21:43), Luton (22:11) and St Albans (22:31) before arriving back into Ealing Broadway at 23:16.

These above timings in brackets are approximate timings, please click the links below, which tracks the train throughout the day to keep you up to date on when it will pass through your local station.


For timings on these movements, please click the links below:

If you do go out and see 60009 Union of South Africa or 6233 Duchess of Sutherland, why not sign up to LocoStop, our brand new railway community, and share your photos from your adventures! Click here to sign up.

As always, please respect the dangers of the railway. Please do not trespass on the railway to see this iconic locomotive – stay to public access spots!

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