An update on steam locomotive No. 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley – September 2018

New Safety Valve Top // Credit Darrin Crone
New Safety Valve Top // Credit Darrin Crone

The latest update (No.32) has been published on the National Railway Museum‘s website, featuring the progress made on returning Sir Nigel Gresley to steam between the 3rd and 14th of September.


The wheelsets for the tender have started to be painted, beginning with the undercoat on the wheel’s centre. Parts of the tender’s frame with brackets and angles have undergone needle-gunning.

Removal of both grime and paint from around the stays and harder to clean areas has started with the horn stays moved off the frame. In order to ensure the tender’s running gear is ready for use, measurements have been taken to make sure each component are of the correct dimensions.

Results from scanning and inspection have shown the tender’s front and forward section of the bottom plate will need repair work, whereas the sump and rest of the bottom plate are fit for use again.

Measuring The Tender Wheelsets // Credit Darrin Crone
Measuring The Tender Wheelsets // Credit Darrin Crone

Corroded plates and areas inside the water tank have received attention while plans on how to repair these parts are being drawn up. The inside of the corridor’s roof has undergone the last bit of welding needed. To prepare them for machining, the welds on the vestibule support rods have been grounded back.


Motion and Cylinders

Area Exposed From Removal Of Hornstay // Credit Darrin Crone
Area Exposed From Removal Of Hornstay // Credit Darrin Crone

The air pump lubricator drive cylinder’s end plates can be refitted now they have been machined. The crankpin’s end covers have been reattached to allow measurements for the new bushes to be taken. Both speedo crank and lubricator drive crank have been disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt, so they can be fixed to ends of the cranks. The damaged expansion link bearing housing has been repaired and awaits its new bush to be attached to it. With the delivery of the new piston and valve rings, they can be trial fitted to see if they are ready for service.

Other Components

Unfortunately, the end seals for the superheater have failed initial tests. This has led to the witnessed test to be proposed until the seals can hold the minimum pressure.

Following boring for new bushes, the spring hanger brackets are almost complete. One has been found to need further boring as it has not met the requirements.

The reverser column has been reunited with the vacuum release valve. The steam sands valve are almost ready for use, they are currently undergoing machining.

The leading safety valve’s new top body is yet to be trial fitted to the lower body.

We will publish the next update on 60007 when information is available. For more information, please visit The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust Ltd’s website here.

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