Steam locomotive hauled trains return to the Mid Suffolk Light Railway

Mid Suffolk Light Railway
Credit: Mid Suffolk Light Railway

The Mid Suffolk Light Railway has announced that steam locomotive hauled trains will return to the line this weekend, on Sunday 12th August 2018, following consultation with nearby farmers.

As you will be aware, the heatwave that the UK has been through has dried all the grass out on the line side and meant that there was a greater risk of lineside fires, so, the Mid Suffolk Light Railway has been running their trains with diesels instead.

However, there is a promise of cooler and damper weather this weekend.

Steam locomotives will return to the Mid Suffolk Light Railway from Sunday. There will be a special team of fire watchers, just in case.

Please note: The Mid Suffolk Light Railway are taking care and caution in the reintroduction of steam services – changes may be made without prior warning.

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