Heatwave calls a halt on steam locomotive hauled trains at the North Norfolk Railway

Class 14 Eric at the North Norfolk Railway
Credit: North Norfolk Railway
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The North Norfolk Railway has announced that diesel locomotives will take over from steam locomotives once again due to a fire risk.

The heat and dry weather have seemingly made a come back over the past few days, and with the increased fire risk and following advice from the NFRS, the North Norfolk Railway has taken the decision to suspend steam trains until further notice.

The North Norfolk Railway will now operate their red timetable with diesel locomotives only.

It is a good chance to see visiting Class 14 ‘Eric’ from the East Lancashire Railway in action on trains.

Trains will depart Sheringham at 09.55, 10.30, 11.20, 12.10, 1.00, 1.50, 2.40, 3.30,4.20, 5.40.

Trains will depart Holt at 10.35, 11.25, 12.15, 1.05, 1.55, 2.45, 3.35, 4.25, 5.00, 6.10.

We will update you with the latest news on this as it is released. Keep an eye on our News Page for the latest.

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