Recent repair work on steam locomotive No.35006 “‘Peninsular and Oriental S.N. Co”

No.35006 "Peninsular & Oriental S. N. Co." Waiting to Leave Broadway // Jamie Duggan, RailAdvent

The 35006 Locomotive Company Ltd has released details on the latest repair work carried out on their SR Merchant Navy No.35006 “‘Peninsular & Oriental S.N. Co”.


During most of July, 35006 wasn’t scheduled to be hauling trains at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway. A regular examination of the engine found a broken axle box coil spring on the engine’s bogie.

At this time, replacement springs were in the process of being ordered, as they were due for replacement in the near future.

Most, including the broken one, date back to British Railways when the spring was fitted while the engine was modified from Bulleid’s design to a more conventional mechanical layout produced by Jarvis. With the order not placed plus the construction time, the company contacted various Bulleid owning groups for help.

Bogie Coil Springs on 35025 "Brocklebank Line" // Credit Simon Brooks Castle
Bogie Coil Springs on 35025 “Brocklebank Line” // Credit Simon Brooks Castle

Sourcing a new Spring

A few groups offered to help, with a spring being loaned to the company by Southern Locomotives Ltd. With the new spring brought back to Toddington, the fitting could take place. Thankfully the job only took an hour and a half, with the engine now ready once again to haul trains when needed.


Although there was no real urgency to fix the engine, the broke spring has strengthened the case for the company to retain more spare parts, as a similar issue could occur in the future when the engine is needed in service.

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