Keighley and Worth Valley Railway Route for Train Simulator – Steam Sounds Supreme Update

45212 at Oakworth Steam Sounds Supreme
Credit: Steam Sounds Supreme

Steam Sounds Supreme has released an update on the progress that they are making with their Keighley and Worth Valley Railway route for Train Simulator.

They are creating this route alongside Vulcan Productions, Skyhook Games and the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.

Unfortunately, for a few months, the team have been stuck with a problem that nobody had a solution to. The problem was getting any signals or level crossings to work – this, unfortunately, put the project in danger of stopping completely.

A couple of months back, Mark from Vulcan Productions, told Steam Sounds Supreme that he had a good discussion with a well-known signal and script creator, Mark Brinton, who has now joined the team to create the route.

Mark has given the project the boost it needed, all signals now work nicely, and baring one or two fixes, all level crossings are now working too.

Mark W has been tackling the last areas of scenery, Steam Sounds Supreme is now working on the audio, which will take a few weeks. Echo effects are also being added to the route, which was recorded on the real-life railway, in Yorkshire.

To make train movements around Haworth MPD work within a scenario, a set of ground signals have been created by the team. All of the signalling needs a test to be sure they are working as they should.

The feature locomotive, BR Std 4 No. 75078 has had a script bug which the team are looking into with Chris Barnes, once this is completed, scenario creation can start.

How is it looking?

Here are a few screenshots of the route (please note: work in progress):

45212 at Haworth Steam Sounds Supreme
Credit: Steam Sounds Supreme
45212 at Keighley Steam Sounds Supreme
Credit: Steam Sounds Supreme
45212 at Ingrow West Steam Sounds Supreme
Credit: Steam Sounds Supreme

I’m sure you will agree, this is looking superb, more updates will come soon.


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