An update on steam locomotive No.92134 at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway

steam locomotive 92134 at Grosmont MPD on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway
Credit: Nick Simpson / Grosmont MPD Group

Nick Simpson, of the Grosmont MPD Facebook Group, has released an update on the continued overhaul of steam locomotive No.92134.

As some of you will know, No. 92134 recently arrived at Grosmont MPD on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway from the East Lancashire Railway, as the ELR was not able to complete the overhaul.

The locomotive is now parked inside the shed at the MPD – which stands for Motive Power Depot – and is now in 4 road, which is viewable to the public from the viewing point by the shop at Grosmont (found by walking under the tunnel across the road from Grosmont station (photo below).

Credit: Google Maps

The work area of benches, vices and lighting has been set up by the team of workers and the work has also started.

Whilst the valves are out, the NYMR engineers are taking measurements that will soon lead to the timing of the engine once it is back together.

One of the valve spindles has been found to be sticking in the cover bush – this doesn’t have the correct clearance so will be rectified.

The cladding on the steam chests and valve and piston covers have been sanded back, re-primed and undercoat will now be going on within the next week.

The left hand connecting rod has been lowered from the locomotives crosshead and this has had bump stops datums worked out and marked.

When 92134s little end was taken out it has lead to the decision that all the motion will be dropped off. The motion and grease nipples need cleaning and lubricating before they all outshopped. This will then allow all crank pins and bushes to be measured so the team of engineers know where they are starting from to monitor the locomotive once she is running.

The area where the injectors are bolted to the frames has been cleaned and have been made ready for a topcoat before the injectors are fitted.

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A big thank you to Nick Simpson of the Grosmont MPD News – The Original Facebook Group for allowing us the use of this information and the image. Please do join the group for behind the scenes news of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway – please click here to join.

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