Welsh narrow gauge railway repaint brake van into BR blue

Welsh highland heritage railway repaint brake van into BR BLue
Credit: WHHR

The Welsh Highland Heritage Railway has revealed their work to repaint their brake van No. 2 into BR Blue.

The brake van was put into service in its new colours on the first train of the 2018 season, alongside refurbed passenger coach number 6, on the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway.

The WHHR runs from Porthmadog (across the road from the national rail station) to Pen-y-mount Junction via Gelerts Farm – where you have access to the sheds.

The WHHR says “the paintwork it represents now is more of a what may have been, than what it actually was”.

A brief history of the brake van

There were originally three of this type of guards van at the Vale of Rheidol Railway in Aberystwyth, each numbered 135, 136, and 137 respectively. 135 has since been scrapped, with 136 in service on some operating days on the Vale of Rheidol Railway. 136 was due for scrap, before being bought by a member of the Welsh Highland Railway Ltd in 1968.

After being purchased, it went to its new home in Kinnerly, Shropshire, which was the first home of the WHHR. During the 1970s, the brake van moved to Gelerts Farm, where the railway is today.

2 rebuilds and several liveries later… it is seen in regular use on the narrow gauge railway.

During the repair and repaint work, a shocking discovery was made. The railway has found the number 135 on at least four of the doors. The railway is now investigating whether or not in fact 136 was scrapped and it was 135 which was bought instead.

It won’t be in BR blue for long, so make sure you make a visit to this lovely little line to see it for yourself in person. I’m sure you will agree, it certainly looks the part!


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