Update on the overhaul of steam locomotive No. 5239 at the East Somerset Railway

Shotblasted Frame // Credit L Thorp
Shotblasted Frame // Credit L Thorp

The team at Cranmore West Workshop have been busy over the last couple of weeks on overhauling 5239.


The frame has now been fully shot-blasted. Now this is completed, the frame has been moved to the back of the workshop to allow further work to continue.

Horn Guides and Axleboxes

Jack Holding Horn Guide In Place // East Somerset Railway

Now the frame is back in the workshop, attention could turn to refitting the horn guides. Before removal, the movement was found in them.

Refitting has involved using jacks to support the horn guides in the correct place, reaming holes before the machined bolts can be fitted.

Six new Axlebox Crowds have been made and machined, only needing to be cut before ready for fitting. The Trailing Axleboxes have received new Bronze Insects. Whitemetaling will be done before the Insects are machined.

Boiler, Cylinders, and Tank

The boiler will soon receive repair work to its lap joints and crown stays. The rear cylinder covers have been removed and new support for the tank is undergoing final construction work.

Unbolting Rear Cylinder Cover // Credit East Somerset Railway
Unbolting Rear Cylinder Cover // Credit East Somerset Railway


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