Paddington 24/7 returns to Channel 5 for a second series

Series 2 Episode 1 of the new Paddington 24/7 series to start tonight
Credit: Network Rail

Channel 5’s behind the scenes documentary on London Paddington station is returning for a second series tonight.

Series 2 episode 1 will be shown tonight at 9 pm on Channel 5/5HD with the effects of severe weather during Beast From The East and Storm Emma featuring in the first episode.

The first series averaged 1.3 million viewers per episode and followed the employees who deal with major incidents and disruption on the Great Western Mainline.

The behind the scenes documentary Paddington 24/7 returns for a second series on Monday 26 March at 9 pm on Channel 5, with the effects of the severe weather experienced during Storm Emma and the Beast from the East featuring in the first episode.

Episode one of the second series sees station staff at Paddington deal with the arctic weather and snow causing areas of the concourse to become frozen, meaning it had to close.

Station Interface Manager Joe Porter features in the episode and has to cope with the weather.

What did the officials say?

Joe Porter, Station Interface Manager, London Paddington, Network Rail said “The challenge we faced was mainly due to the design of the roof – snow was blowing in through the gaps which gave the effect that it was actually snowing within the station. Once it became apparent that the adverse weather was impacting the station it was all hands on deck. Our main concern was the underfoot conditions – snow and limestone flooring aren’t a good mix and the last thing we wanted was our customers or staff injuring themselves.

  • I love watching Paddington 24/7 on Channel 5. Also why not bring back Inside King’s Cross on Channel 5. Plus could there be documentaries about other London stations such as Waterloo, St. Pancras International, Liverpool Street, Charing Cross, Cannon Street, London Bridge, Marylebone and Euston that could also be shown on Channel 5 or on BBC One. I do like watching TV programs with trains, staff, people/passengers and the history of each station in London.

    • Same. I never thought a program like this could get over 1 million views but I’m glad it dose. Paddington Station 24/7 shows how much effort the people who work for GWR put in and it’s very interesting to see. I hear the third series that aired this year (2018) got 2 million views so hopefully we will get a series 4.