News from GWSR Steam Locomotive Department

7903 "Foremarke Hall" and 35006 "Peninsular & Oriental SN Co" undergoing Annual Boiler Examination // Credit Mike Solloway

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway’s (GWSR) Steam Locomotive Department have posted their latest news update, with good news about their home fleet.

Annual Boiler Examination

On Friday the 2nd March 2018, members of the GWSR’s home fleet of locomotives had their annual boiler examination carried out before the 2018 season starts on the line. 28XX No.2807, 78XX ‘Manor’ No.7820 “Dinmore Manor”, 6959 ‘Modified Hall’ No.7903 “Foremarke Hall” and Merchant Navy No.35006 “Peninsular & Oriental SN Co” have all passed.

BR Standard 4 No. 76077

All Components for 76077 are under temporary cover, with most now all painted. They will be soon ready for transporting to Locomotive Maintenance Services, Loughborough, where the components will be restored.

28XX No. 2807

2807’s water gauge was replaced, due to frozen water inside of it may have weakened the glass.

78XX ‘Manor’ No. 7820 “Dinmore Manor”

The new bogie spring hanger bolts were painted and started to be fitted to the engine. Next, the steam heating gauge was fitted, followed by work on the fireman’s side piston valve. This included refitting the following, end cover, packing (both ends), lubrication fittings and valve spindle crosshead.

Merchant Navy No. 35006 “Peninsular & Oriental SN Co”

A couple of days before undergoing annual boiler examination, 35006 was steamed up to set the engine’s safety valves. After cooling overnight, some parts of the engine had frozen and needing thawing out. The engine also needed topping up with water before boiler examination.


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