First Guest for Midland Railway Butterley’s 2018 Diesel Gala Announced

60100 // Credit Midland Railway Butterley
60100 // Credit Midland Railway Butterley

The Midland Railway Butterley has announced that 60100, a DB Cargo UK Class 60, will be the first visiting guest for the line’s 2018 Diesel Gala in June.

About the Class 60s

After a number of companies were asked, Brush Traction’s design was accepted for the 100 engines to be built for use with trainload freight. Construction started in 1989, with all 100 engines completed by 1993.

With the introduction of Class 60s, Classes such as the 20s, 26s, 27s, 31s, 33s and 73s started to be phased out.

Despite a large number of the class usually stored in or out of traffic, EWS retained all the engines for use on various types of freight trains. Many have received overhauls, with some gaining upgrades and becoming known as “Super 60s” under DB Schenker ownership.

When the time comes to withdraw the class, a group has been set up to preserve at least one member of the class.

About the 2018 Diesel Gala

60100 joins the gala thanks to DB Cargo, appearing in their livery. The gala takes place over the weekend of June the 16th and 17th. More information will be released closer to the event.


  1. 20142
    MRC Fleet
    Visiting Locos
    60100 to be named Midland Railway Butterly
    royal Visiting Locos
    67005 Queens Manager
    67006 Royal Sovereign


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