Britains last pub railway could close if no volunteers are found!

Locomotive Phoenix at the Fancott Miniature Railway
Credit: RailAdvent

The Fancott Miniature Railway, in Toddington, Bedfordshire, is on the brink of closure if no extra volunteers are found soon.

The 7 ¼” railway is the last pub railway in the country and sees around 10,000 visitors a year.

Tickets cost just £2 and adds an extra dimension to the pub restaurant, which is on site.

The 1.2km long railway is “in need of people, not money”. The current three volunteers are all they have and most of them are now nearing retirement age.

Fancott station
Credit: RailAdvent

Volunteers will need to be able to complete gardening and track work, as well as running the trains, which operate most of the year.

The level crossing on the railway needs manning, which leaves just 2 other volunteers to run the railway when it is open.


Plaque on the side of locomotive
Credit: RailAdvent

2015 saw a devastating fire which wiped out all of the railways shed. This has since been painstakingly rebuilt.

2017 saw us visit the line, unfortunately, we were just too late to see the trains running, but the very kind Ron allowed us into the sheds for a look and find out more information about the railway.

We are very grateful for this special permission and would hate to see this railway line close.

If you or you know anyone interested in helping out at this lovely line, then please do get in touch with the Fancott Miniature Railway (on their Facebook page here, or by their website here) for more information.


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