Chassis of 73050 // Credit 73050 website
Chassis of 73050 // Credit 73050 website

BR Standard 5 No. 73050 “City of Peterborough” is undergoing an overhaul at the Nene Valley Railway, in Peterborough, where the engine is based.

Start of Needle-Gunning on steam locomotive No. 73050
Start of Needle-Gunning // Credit 73050 website

The majority of the components attached to the Chassis have now been removed. The slidebars will remain attached for now, as they might be used in alignment guides for when the cylinders are bored.

Needle-Gunning has started at the rear right-hand side of the chassis and other areas assailable to volunteers. Currently, the wheels block in some areas, but these will be lifted in time with the bogie being removed when the frame is lifted.


Screw Reverser // Credit 73050 website
Screw Reverser // Credit 73050 website

Once the crosshead has received a cleanup, it will be either stored or worked on. A small amount of movement has been found between the screw and travelling block on the screw reverser. Although this will cause inaccuracies in setting cut-offs, these will only be minor and shouldn’t affect 73050 when hauling trains at Nene Valley Railway.




    • Hi Colin.
      We are envisaging a return to steam 2024/2025.
      The loco required a lot of work especially on the boiler, cylinders and wheel sets but progress is good.
      Come and have a look.


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