NRM make Riley & Son offer for steam locomotive 60103 Flying Scotsman

The National Railway Museum has offered Riley & Son a contract, which if accepted, would see Riley & Son operate and maintain 60103 Flying Scotsman for the foreseeable future.

The contract is for six years, which would see 60103 requiring an overhaul in this timescale.

Possible overhaul options are either overhaul 60103 when its current mainline boiler ticket expires in five years time (mainline boiler tickets are seven years long). Alternatively, they can conduct an intermediate overhaul in three years time (five years into current boiler ticket). This way they would gain a new boiler ticket.

Any maintenance needed to be carried out on Flying Scotsman in the six-year period would also be done by Riley and Son.

A meeting is due to take place to discuss details of the proposed contract.

Flying Scotsman in 2017

This is the last time we saw Flying Scotsman when it visited the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway. We look forward to seeing it again soon

  • They ought to offer Pete Waterman a similar deal on The Super D. There are other locos which could benefit from these kind of deals as The NRM now has no money after wasting so much on Flying Scotsman.