72010 "Hengist"'s Frame in CTL Seal Ltd's Assemble Shop // Credit The 'Clan' Project website

Recent work on the construction of 72010 “Hengist” has focused on the construction of the Engine’s Frame. This work is being carried out at CTL Seal Ltd.


72010 has a 40ft long Frame, which CTL Seal have managed to make space in their Assembly Shop, around other Projects they are currently carrying out. The main parts of the Frame have been erected in the Assembly Shop, and will soon be ready to move into the Machine Shop.

Here, machining of both the Hornguide Faces and Keep Pads will take place using latest machining equipment. Once this is completed, the Frame will move back to the Assembly Shop, where Final Fitting will take place. This will involve the attachment of parts such as Slide Bar Brackets and Motion Brackets. Painting of some parts will also be carried out at this stage.

72010 "Hengist"'s Frame Plates with Horn Guiders welded on Credit The 'Clan' Project's website
72010 “Hengist”‘s Frame Plates with Horn Guiders welded on Credit The ‘Clan’ Project’s website

Although 72010 will be the 11th member of the Standard 6s, it is very much a Prototype. Despite this, modern day technology will eliminate the majority of the issues prototypes have. Any problems will most likely occur from errors in the planning stage. CTL Seal is prepared to resolve problems and also give some flexibility in regards to financing work carried out by them. Work can be done in stages to match the finances available, which is a huge benefit for The ‘Clan’ Project.

Discussions had been made with Colin Green from Ian Riley and Son (E) Ltd to carry out the building of the Chassis, but The ‘Clan’ Project wouldn’t be able to supply all the parts required and finance for the construction time available at Ian Riley and Son. In the future, The ‘Clan’ Project is likely to arrange for other parts to be built by Ian Riley and Son, who are experts in buildings many Locomotive parts.

Other Components

Good progress has been made on the patterns for 72010’s Cylinders. The Main Cylinder Chest is nearing completion. To add to this, an order has been placed for the four Bogie Wheel Centre castings. This comes after two members kindly made donations to cover the cost for them to be completed. This will mean once these parts are delivered, the Front Bogie will be very near to completion.

Other News

The ‘Clan’ Project has taken delivery of a 40ft Shipping Container to sort parts for 72010. This Container will be located at CTL Seal’s premises in Sheffield.

The 'Clan' Project's New Storage Container // Credit The 'Clan' Project website
The ‘Clan’ Project’s New Storage Container // Credit The ‘Clan’ Project website

In Mid-December late year, we published our Project Information on 72010 “Hengist”. The article featured the Background to the BR Standard 6s, Aim of The ‘Clan’ and the Progress they had made (Correct at time of writing). If you would like to read the article please click here


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