35005 "Canadian Pacific" // Credit: Mike Pike and 35005 Canadian Pacific Project FB Page

Following on from our last article, where 35005 Canadian Pacific had its Frame and Driving Wheels were reunited, work has continued on a few fronts.

Fitting of Cab instruments Credit Watercress Line Website
Fitting of Cab instruments Credit Watercress Line Website

Trial fitting of the re-skinned cab has shown two minor problems. The first problem was the holes in the cab and frame for the bolts didn’t line up. This was mended shortly afterwards by volunteers. The second problem is the cab isn’t on the frame straight. This problem will take a bit longer to fix, as it requires the boiler to be placed back in the frames. Despite this, some cab fittings have been installed.




Removal of Mechanical Lubricator Credit Watercress Line
Removal of Mechanical Lubricator Credit Watercress Line Website

A while back, the Mechanical Lubricators and Atomisers were given a clean and painted, then fitted back on the locomotive. They have recently been sent to Ropley, two have been returned ready for use, the other two will require more work at Ropley. A win-win situation arose regarding one Mechanical Lubricator and Atomiser when the 35006 Locomotive Company Ltd asked to borrow the set. This enabled them to have 35006 “Peninsular & Oriental S. N. Co.” on standby at the Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway but also test to see if the set work, which it did.

Other work at the Ropley end has been on 35005’s tender frame, which is in Ropley yard. The frame has been given a clean and a paint but will require a small amount of work. A new Stuffing Box Liner has been produced on the discovery that the current right-hand one has a hole. After 30 hours in the Machine Shop, Bryn Engineering will refit the new liner.

Fitting the Springs for the Driving Wheels Credit Watercress Line Website
Fitting the Springs for the Driving Wheels Credit Watercress Line Website

Work has continued on fitting parts back onto the re-wheeled frame. This includes the difficult and time-consuming task of fitting the springs with the driving wheels already on the frame. This was made harder with no inspection pit at Eastleigh. Progress on this front has therefore been slow.

Progress regarding the boiler has been slow but steady. A minor set back occurred when it was found the Back Plate, which has received some work, didn’t fit and has been returned to South Devon Railway.

In better news, the new one-piece Throat Plate has been ordered and an NDT test has been carried out on the replaced area of the Thermic Syphons.

This is all the news from the latest update, stay tuned for the next update.

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