Nene Valley Railway
D182 (46045) // Credit: NVR

The Nene Valley Railway have recently announced that Class 46 Peak, No D182, will stay for a duration of 5 years at the line, based at Wansford.

No D182, later renumbered 46045, was built at Derby works in 1962.

Peak D128 at Wansford Station on the Nene Valley Railway
D128 (46045) at Wansford Station, NVR. // Credit: NVR

46045 is now one of only three surviving Class 46 ‘Peaks’, the rest being scrapped after a working life on the mainline.

D182 is owned by the Peak Locomotive Company.

D182 is likely to be seen hauling regular train services between Yarwell and Peterborough.



  1. ‘One of only 3 surviving Peaks’ isn’t really true, since there are 2 44’s and a whole host of 45’s left. What would be correct is that D182 is one of only 3 Class 46’s left.

  2. Which is exactly what the comment above says. It says she is one of only 3 surviving class 46 ‘Peak’s; the rest having been scrapped after a working life on the mainline.


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