55022 "Royal Scots Grey" running as 55018 "Ballymoss" at Bridgenorth, SVR Credit Martin Walker

Arrangements have been made between Beaver Sports (Yorkshire) Ltd and Locomotive Diesels Ltd (a division of Locomotive Services Ltd) this will see Class 55 Deltics 55022 “Royal Scots Grey” (D9000), D9016 “Gordon Highlander” (55016) plus several parts and components transfer ownership to Locomotive Diesels Ltd.

In recent years the small team working on maintenance of 55022 and restoration of D9016, have found great difficulty in keeping up with the workload from both locomotives. This had lead to the decision by Beaver Sports (Yorkshire) Ltd to explore the possibility of new owners taking on both locomotives.

D9016 "Gordon Highlander" Credit Fraser Colquhoun
D9016 “Gordon Highlander” Credit Fraser Colquhoun

In the light of this, and after a few weeks of discussion, agreements have been made between Beaver Sports (Yorkshire) Ltd and Locomotive Diesels Ltd. As well as Locomotive Diesels Ltd buying both locos and parts, the current team looking after 55022 and D9016 will join forces with Locomotive Diesels Ltd’s team who are based in Crewe.

Here, both teams can use Crewe Diesel Depots’ fantastic facilities to ensure both locos are looked after well.

“At Crewe By The End Of The Year”

Beaver Sports (Yorkshire) Ltd are very happy with this agreement, as its the best outcome for both locos. Both engines should have moved to Crewe by the end of the year.



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