Bluebell Railway Pullman Car 54
Credit: Bluebell Railway

The Bluebell Railway have released an update on their quest to restore Pullman Car 54. The railway hopes to use this on trains when it is finished.

Last month, the railway lifted the wooden body from its underframe. This took alot of preparation. The body was heavily brased to make sure it didnt move during the lift.

The underframe was taken away for a start to be made on Grit Blasting treatment and general assessment.

After the underframe was taken away, the jacks lifted the body up further to enable the railway to work on the underneath. Pullman cars have a layer underneath the main floor, usually made of Horsehair to act as insulation. For some reason, possibly the accident which 54 was involved in years ago, some of the insulation was missing. This is a great oppotunity to repair and replace where necassary.

Whilst all the ‘Big Bits’ are being looked at, work progressed on other components. This involved the refurbishment of the sliding top lights so they are ready to be fitted when the car is ready.

Repairs have also been made to doors, mouldings and interior panneling.

The Bluebell Railway are also looking at what they will need in the restoration, and seeing if they already have the items in stock.

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