Velinheli steams at Tanybwlch during the 'Snowdonian Limited' on the Ffestiniog Railway
Velinheli steams at Tanybwlch during the 'Snowdonian Limited'

The Launceston Railway has announced that Hunslet ‘Velinheli’ will be withdrawn due to the boiler being deemed as life-expired.

The Hunslet was built in 1886, and is one of four Hunslets based at the Launceston Railway in Cornwall, and joined Covertcoat, Dorothea and Lilian.

Velinheli moved to the Launceston Railway from the Inny Valley Railway in 1986.

The other three Hunslets will be back in action for the 2017 season when services resume on the 12th April.

What did the Launceston Railway say?

The Launceston Railway said: “Following recent consultation with our boiler inspector regarding the remaining economic life of Velinheli’s 92 year-old boiler, along with the consideration of a ‘mission plan’ to secure her long term future, the decision has been taken to withdraw Velinheli from service immediately and place her on static display in our museum.”

The Future

The Launceston Steam Railway are working with another railway to design a new Hunslet boiler, so Velinheli will be store in the museum for the foreseeable future until a new design is complete. We hope to see Velinheli back in steam very soon!

Velinheli in steam on the Ffestiniog Railway

We have only seen Velinheli in steam twice. Also, We saw the Hunslet take part in the ‘Snowdonian Limited’ – along the Ffestiniog section of the tour. We also saw Velinheli in steam at Great & Small III at Dinas

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