In this weeks Throwback Thursday, we steam and slip ourselves back to 2015 as we see Linda and Blanche slip out of Tanybwlch during Vintage Weekend Celebrations on the Ffestiniog Railway.

Linda and Blanche at the Ffestiniog Railway

Linda and Blanche ready for departure on the Ffestiniog Railway
Locos Linda and Blanche ready for departure

Hunslets Linda and Blanche are both sisters and were built by Hunslet Loco Works Ltd in Leeds in 1893 and both used for the Penrhyn Quarry in Bethesda. Both locomotives were purchased for use on the Ffestiniog Railway in 1962/63.

Linda is in service and can be seen on busier days and at Gala days. Blanche is currently going through an overhaul, which started in 2016.


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