No. 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley railway museum workshop

The Sir Nigel Gresley Loco Trust announced on 26th October 2016 that No. 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley’s Boiler is set to be sent to the Llangollen Railway for overhaul.

Sir Nigel Gresleys Boiler at York
Sir Nigel Gresleys Boiler at York // Credit: Trevor Camp & Steam Railway

The loco is currently based at the National Railway Museum in York. CME Richard Swales said, following a full NDT inspection: “the boiler was found to be in pretty good condition, the firebox tubeplate needs replacing but we knew about that, overall nothing unexpected was uncovered.”

It is believed to be the biggest boiler the Llangollen Railway workshop has ever overhauled, it is expected to depart for the North Wales soon with the work expecting to take 12 months

The Sir Nigel Gresley Loco Trust Marketing Director, Tod Slaughter, says: “Although it may seem a long time since the boiler lift, the team have used that time to strip, clean and assess the boiler which will save significant cost.” Locomotive Engineer Darrin Crone notes: “We’ve done things a little differently to some other teams but so far things have gone well and the project is on schedule.”

Sir Nigel Gresley Overhaul Update

In the meantime, the overhaul continues at the NRM with the frames and tender coming along well. The wheelsets are having work done at the South Devon Railway, with the work hoping to be done in January.

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