Here is episode one in our new series ‘RailAdvent’s Secret Stations’. In this series we will be looking at some of the Request Stops or less used stations on railways around the UK.

Featured Secret Stations

In episode one, we visit the Ffestiniog Railway. The ‘Secret Stations’ that feature in this video are Penrhyn, Plas Halt, and Dduallt.

Penrhyn can be used if you are wanting to visit the village or walk to Tanybwlch.

Plas Halt is perfectly situated for visiting the house and gardens of Plas Tanybwlch.

Dduallt is where the train climbs in a big spiral (Great for trainspotters) and is also a nice spot to start your days walking, either to Tanybwlch or Tanygrisiau.

With all railways… please tell the guard of the train where you are wanting to travel to. Or clearly signal to the driver to board the train.



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