Velinheli steams at Tanybwlch during the 'Snowdonian Limited' on the Ffestiniog Railway
Velinheli steams at Tanybwlch during the 'Snowdonian Limited'
Hugh Napier and Velinheli - footplate rides
Hugh Napier and Velinheli // Photo Credit – Ffestiniog Railway

The Ffestiniog Railway will be giving Footplate Rides at their Harbour Station, this Saturday, 10:00 to 16:00.

The Locos

You will have a choice between two quarry Hunslet’s, Velinheli and Hugh Napier.

Hugh Napier, which is owned by the National Trust and operated by the Ffestiniog Railway, and was built in 1904 for the Penrhyn Quarry.

Also giving footplate rides is Velinheli, which was built in 1886 for the Dinorwic Quarry. Velinheli is now privately owned, and is visiting the Ffestiniog Railway from the Launceston Railway in Cornwall.

While the Footplate Rides are FREE, you can make a donation which will be put towards the restoration of Welsh Pony.




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