You may have seen on our events calendar, that last weekend, from the 8th-10th July, the East Lancs Railway Summer Diesel Gala took place.

Unfortunately due to other commitments, we couldn’t make the event. However, we are really pleased to annouce our first ever Guest post, complete with two videos from the event.

Fellow YouTube Rail Fan Dan braved some very wet ‘summer’ weather to get some great footage from the event.

Part One

First up is part one, from Saturday. This video features the following…

Class 31 31466 and 5580 at Townsend Fold
Class 42 Warship ‘Onslaught’ at Townsend Fold
Class 45 ‘Peak’ D182 And 45108 at Townsend Fold
Class 56 56098 and 56006 at Townsend Fold


Part Two

Next up is Part Two from Sunday. This Video features include…

Class 45 Peak D182 – North of Irwell Vale and departing Irwell Vale
Class 56 56098 ‘Lost Boys 68-88’ – South of Irwell Vale (both sides of the track) and at Brooksbottom Tunnel
Class 56 56006 – Departing Summerseat
Class 31 5580(31162) – South of Irwell Vale, and passing through Summerseat

Returning Guest
Class 42 D832 ‘Onslaught’ – South of Summerseat

New for the home fleet
Class 40 40106 ‘Atlantic Conveyor’ – Departing Summerseat, and exiting Brooksbottom Tunnel

A very big thanks to Dan for sharing these YouTube videos of the East Lancs Railway Summer Diesel Gala.

If you like what you see, then why not subscribe to Dan’s YouTube Channel.

Alternatively why not follow Dan’s Facebook Page here.

(Page picture credit: Dansrailphotographs Facebook Page)



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