[NVR] NewsteadThe Locomotive, called “Newstead”, built in 1929. “Newstead” was an industrial steam locomotive used to haul trucks of coal has been rediscovered. “Newstead” had thought to have been scrapped.

Some History of “Newstead”

However, Malcom Saul had purchased the saddle tank in the late 70s and had restored it, and later built a track and shed near his home – where it remained for almost 30 years.

Sadly, Malcom has passed before he had chance to finish the work and see “Newstead” steam again. His widow contacted the Small Loco Group at the Nene Valley Railway who came to look at “Newstead” and said “it was one of the biggest preservation stories of the 21st century”.

The Small Loco Group are now looking to “finish what Malcolm started” and are hoping to see the locomotive steam again.

To support the restoration of “Newstead” please click here

Thanks to Jamie Duggan for sending us the picture!



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